Zhu, Justin

Sat, Sep 4, 1999

Conversation Starter

I study Math and English at Harvard.


This is my little corner of the web, designed to help me jump into things on the Internet that are the most meaningful to me. Perhaps I can give you a tutorial for how I really use this.

Author’s Note

Kevin asked me what events in my life I can concretely point to that made me go about life the way I did. I didn’t have a good answer. I could recite Kant, Hegel, and Kierkegaard, but none of that was mine. That was when I discovered I had not truly lived, only regurgitated, the mere facts of life.

I then took Professor Philip Fisher’s class The Classic Phase of the Novel. As we were building context for Anna Karenina, Professor Fisher would mention how Tolstoy would keep a diary to himself and write in this diary every day, a habit that cemented his status as a writer. The process of novel-writing, as Professor Fisher noted, is a lifelong one, where experiences are immortalized from the appreciation of the everyday.

This website is an exercise in documentation, an attempt to derive truth in my own life.

One of my many personal projects to further originality and thought.

Code and Usage

This website was built by Hugo, hosted by GitHub Pages, and beautified by Google’s Material Design Lite. Aesthetics were crafted under these principles: replace excessive words with universal symbols, simplify the color palette, and use shapes that can be expressed with mathematical clarity.

You can find the source code for my website at Zhu-Justin / These files are licensed under the MIT License, which means you are free to take my template for your own use. As a corollary, all my licensed personal projects are available for your personal consumption.

However, I do reserve all rights for the actual content of my blog posts. Feel free to reach out to me to request usage of my writing.


This website is dedicated to those who have strengthened my trust in the goodness of humanity. You know who you are. Thank you for everything.