Optimum Experientia
Zhu, Justin

Optimum Experientia
Mon, Oct 29, 2018

Hello World! This is my little corner of the web, designed to help me jump into things on the Internet that are the most meaningful to me. More about that here.

Hopefully, this website is intuitive enough for you to navigate, but here are some “hacks” for an optimal experience (i.e. how I would use all this):

  • Open the View menu in the status bar and uncheckAlways Show Toolbar in Full Screen”. I use a Mac, but this feature is also available for Windows. Welcome to an Internet experience with no address bars, no tabs, and less clutter.
  • For best results, I set the default new tab page to justinzhu.me, and I use keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs.
  • The search icon replaces the address bar when navigating to different websites, bypassing many google searches via Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” algorithm, thereby saving you many clicks (and time!) in your search for information.
  • Important links I go to are located at the top of the home page. Each link redirects away from this website. Some websites are restricted for personal reference (sorry!)
  • Email me by clicking on the mail icon to the top left of the navigation bar. The functionality of the other icons are for you to figure out :)
  • This website has an SSL certificate (as you probably noticed with the https). Roam around with a free conscience and with no fear of your computer’s mortality.

That’s All Folks!