CS191 13 03 13
Zhu, Justin

CS191 13 03 13
Mon, Mar 11, 2019

Different schools of thought

Be clever with things we want to do, Ethernet chip. Jim Clark used homogeneous coordinates to build the pipeline for geometric coordinates.

Role of federal funding in massive innovations, they all run on railroad tracks. A mowdown is a way for people to use ordinary phone labs for packet networking experiments.

McCarthy 1955

The artificial intelligence at Dartmouth, who formed the basis of deciding how computers can be programmed to use a language.

For context, this was originally used for a summer project where people were trying to understand the qualifications and interests of individuals who were interested in brevity.

Perhaps research should be conducted in short bursts as this paper illustrates, because it was quite remarkable how much they accomplished over a span of a summer. Longer research may not always equate good research.

Randomness guided by intuition is creativity. This is a good statement to think about.

Wiener 1960

Wiener entered Tufts at the age of 11, starting his PhD at Harvard at age 18. Talk about precociousness.

Cybernetics is the study of control and communication in the animal and the machine. He was skeptical of government funding, especially after seeing the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, since scientific information is not necessarily an innocent act.

Wiener developed the conclusion that certain strategies baffle programmers, while other strategies capture the imagination of programmers. Machines are used mostly for playing games as individuals are trying to play a new amateur game at chess where a marked superiority exists for individuals to play programmer. We can think about DeepBrain and all these other AI systems that can play games effectively and optimally. In this sense, the primary goals of computers are to create worlds where people play games.

Wiener is fundamentally a moralist because he identifies that it is a moral problem that the human brain is a more efficient control apparatus than the intelligent machine when it comes to higher areas of logic.

It is not enough that some action on our part should be sufficient to change the course of the machine. The development of science is pretty interesting.