CS191 15 03 27
Zhu, Justin

CS191 15 03 27
Wed, Mar 27, 2019

Brooks 1975

The techniques used for speech recognition have little in common with those used for image recognition and both are different from those used in expert systems.

The high energy parts are independent to the image, build the electromechanics part, which makes it energy independent.

All software construction involves essential tasks that create a magnitude of understanding of automated tasks.

Brooks 1986

All programs are optimists where sorcery attracts those who believe in happy endings, which is a pretty bold statement.

The selection process works and is indisputable where individuals comment, “This time it will surely run” or “I just found the last bug.”

The pervasiveness of optimism among programmers deserves more than a flip analysis. Dorothy Sayers divides creative activity into three stages in the idea, the implementation, and the interaction.

The book, computer, or program comes as an ideal construct built outside time and space and complete in the mid of the authors.

The creation is complete when someone reads the book, uses the computer, runs the program, interacting with the mind of the maker.

The Christian doctrine of Trinity has helped us in our present task. For human makers, incompleteness and inconsistencies of our ideas become clear during implementation. IN many creative activities , the medium of execution is intractable.

The man-month is a unit for measuring the size of a job, where men and months are interchangeable. Men and months are interchangeable commodities only when a task can be partitioned among many workers with no communication among them.