CS191 18 04 08
Zhu, Justin

CS191 18 04 08
Mon, Apr 8, 2019

Reflecting on Previous Papers

There are no equations in this paper, used for kidney matching, doctors in residencies, so many variations on the assumptions they start off with. This business of matching has turned into a field of its own.

Professor Lewis termed it “the most elegant paper in computer science”, crazy to do it in any other way they describe.

Liskov, Zilles 1974

It is difficult for a design to ease programming tasks , where the programmer is able to solve his problem and articulate certain abstractions for what the language might need.

The purpose of abstraction is to improve understandability of programs for high-level languages, increasing programming productivity for the programmer’s task.

Integer or integer arrays create objects and perform operations on these objects. The built-in type integer requires using the format of the bits, the programming language has an operation cluster, a special kind of program with language facilitates integer operations and allowing abstract data types without on-the-spot definition. There is a data type equivalent to a set of operations that comprise strong data typing.

Functional abstraction denotes abstract operations not belonging to any character set. This functional abstraction is a composition of characterizing operations into many different data types. These data types can be supported by a procedure.

The structured programming language at MIT is derived from PASCAL and conventional in many respects, differing from conventional language in many other important ways.

Language provides two forms of modules corresponding to abstraction using procedures and operation clusters.

The syntax distinguishes between declarations which involve the creation of variables of primitive type. Such syntax is important for creating objects similar to array declaration, such as the array of characters in that they both require the type of elements to be specified.

If a language is strongly typed, then that means there are only three ways in which an abstract object can be used. The operations that define the abstract type. An abstract object passed as parameter to a procedure. The type of the actual argument should be identical to the type of the corresponding formal parameter in a called procedure.

Abstract object may be assigned to a variable only if the variable is declared to hold objects of a particular type. The topic is explained to somebody without much mathematical background. This is not compatible with people not exposed in mathematical terms. There are limitations for being able to express a solution to an algorithm in stable terms. This doesn’t take away from the fact that people are related.