CS191 19 04 10
Zhu, Justin

CS191 19 04 10
Mon, Apr 1, 2019

Cerf, Khan 1974

HOSTS contains a set of one or more packet switches and a collection of communication media interconnecting the packet switches. There exists processes communicated with processes with other hots. This leads to a protocol existing between the source and destination process.

The source and destination processes require knowledge of certain conventions for communicating between processes. Several constraints characterize the packet switching.

For one thing, the data is bounded to a specific source host that formats destination address in a certain fashion. The data containing different maximum size require different networks to deal with smallest maximum sizes for network boundary reformatted into smaller pieces.

This is easily achieved if two networks interconnect such that each contains a host to the other network. The interface between networks plays many roles in developing network interconnection strategies, formalized in a gateway conception.

Gateways may split packets into smaller packets, the long growth and development of internetwork communication would be inhibited by specifying how much larger than the minimum a packet size can be for reasons.

If maximum packet size is specified, then it is impossible to completely isolate internal packet size parameters of all other networks. Very difficult to increase maximum permitted packet size in response to new technology like large memory systems, higher data rate communication facilities since that would require the agreement and then implementation by the participating networks.

The packet encryption requires certain sizes of particular packets to expand for new information. These allow for gateway fragments and destination hosts to perform the correct reassembly. We also take advantage of larger packet size. This also allows us to just fix the process level communication.

TCP is served by one or more packet switches.A TCP identifies destination and source processes. If we take the position that segment boundaries are immaterial, we allow for the appropriate processes to take control. TCP can be properly delivered with the proper protocol.

Clarke et al.

Point to point storage and retrieval system is designed to address concerns of privacy and availability. System operates as location-independent distributed file system across many individual computers allowing files to be inserted, stored, and requested anonymously.

The architecture allows communication to a flat global namespace, the Internet Protocol is important, although routes may vary. THese routing algorithms for storing and retrieving data can adaptively adjust the routes over time in providing efficient performancewhen using local as opposed to global nowledge. This is important in order to improve privacy. The request has many limis, including to IP’s time-to-live, a decrementation of the node in preventing infinite chains. The request is sassigneda pseudo-unique random identifies, not allowing any privilege over any other node.

Weknow that 160-bit SHA function is a good hash for how we are to construct the different types of file keys, including the keyword-eigned key derived from a short descriptive test chosen byt he user when storing a file in the network. A user inserting a treatise on warfare assignng it the description may give a public name, but the private key pair signs the file, providing integrity checks that help match the file key. The dicitionary attack against signature is representative of descriptive strings that flourish and make it seasier to remember and communicate problems to other individuals in the form of key-squatting, best defined to be inserting junk files under popular descriptions.

A signal-subspace key (SSK) is a personal namspace where the user creates the namespace by randomly generating public/private key pairs for a name space. We also have content-has key, which is very much used for updating and splitting contents of the file, giving a pseudo-unique file key. Ultimately, we see something that is more prolific in generating value in this sense. The updatable files and all else allows me to formulate something extremely interesting and powerful. We can also retrieve data in this sense, when we have a binary key and whatnot.