CS191 20 04 15
Zhu, Justin

CS191 20 04 15
Mon, Apr 15, 2019

Brooks 1986

Software construction contains representations of complex conceptual structures for software engineering.

Exploiting the classical literature for a particular notation in Titchmarsh’s zeta function, which is defined as $\Omega(f(n))$

These are $\Omega$ theorems.

Cajori has a two-volume work on the history of mathematical notations. Individuals like Landau first discused the question with Polya.

Big O refers to a neighborhood of zero while $\Omega$ refers to a neighborhood of inifnity.

The above notations deal with a function like $(log log n) ^{cos n}$

Hardy has an interesting tract on “Orders of Infinity” where we have a set of inequalities

$f(n) << g(n)$ and we have a proper inequality established with $200^2 << \binom{n}{2}$

Leveson, Turner 1993

This paper discusses Therac-25, an apparatus that seeks to detect cancer.

Software has medical issues, like the equipment sometimes is not particularly robust enough for software functionality. Medical linear accelerators accelerate electrons to create high-energy beam that can destroy tumors with minimal impact on healthy tissue.

This is really the instance where the computer senses and controls turnable positions. The operations cause a suspension of treatment, and the machine could possibly malfunction. The operator and fixes will stop the machine in a proper manner with the right energy densities.