ETH20 2019-02-15
Zhu, Justin

ETH20 2019-02-15
Fri, Feb 15, 2019


Minimal Self – Roughly is the condition of possibility for any one of us with certain experiences, multiple synthesis, the thing that is never given to us empirically.

The self of personal identity, a contrast with a computer character.

Self of self understanding, the problem of subjectivity. The repertoire of background practices on which you rely on personal construction, never fully recognizing

Emerson undoes the Kantian move, it must be there because if it’s not there, there’s nothing like an empirical self-story. But, Emerson believes in the transcendental subject, a condition of possibility. Whether it has something to do with the human soul and its immortality, substantial, that we don’t know. We must presuppose a certain condition of possibility. That’s us having an identity. That’s all we can really do.

Blind conformity is perfectly clear.

Eminent Critique

Transcendental critique and the imminent critique

Through introspection I can figure out the minimal cognitive tools for experience to be possible. It’s a nice account and we spend years and decades thinking about the problems of the first critique. Nothing about it in human history.

Imminent critique begins with Hegel.

The idea becomes that everything or all knowledge is historically conditioned. It forms part of this context. The account becomes true. Anything that Hegel or Marx is a self, just another flaw, another condition. If they assert what they have to teach you goes to how our history progressively unfolds itself, then they are doing the impossible. Everything is historically contingent.

Intuitivist, absolutely certain or absolutely groundless. Objective view of the self, the subjective book of accounts. You’re feeling a profound discomfort. There is no multiplication. The profound discomfort for Heideigger breaking new ground. We are then in a position where we can fake it. A zone or space. The minimal self governed by society and customs. This gut feeling is very much related to society. One of the biggest problems. The intuitivist approach is to think through the problems of morality and ethics, which are all fraught with problems.