Thu, Nov 12, 2020


The guide to setting up Firefox correctly.



When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately - Check

Files and Applications

Always ask you where to save files - Select


Homepage and new windows: file:///

Firefox Home Content: Uncheck all


Default Search Engine: DuckDuckGo

Search Suggestions: Uncheck all

One-Click Search Engines: Uncheck Google

Privacy & Security

Standard Browser Privacy (Use add-ons to best maximize security and functionality)

Send websites a “Do Not Track” signal that you don’t want to be tracked - Always

Address Bar - When using the address bar, suggest Open tabs only

Block pop-up windows - Uncheck

Deceptive Content and Dangerous Software Protection - Check all

Certificates When a server requests your personal certificate, select one automatically


Theme: Dark (default)


ActivityWatch Web Watcher

Auto Tab Discard

B!tch to Boss



DF Youtube

Don’t touch my tabs

Duck Duck Go

Facebook Container


HTTPS Everywhere


Simplify Gmail


Tab Reloader

Tree Style Tab

uBlock Origin


User-Agent Switcher and Manager

Video Download Helper

Video Speed Controller



Zotero Connector

Please consider donating to the developers of open-source extensions. They put a lot of time and effort to make this experience possible in the first place.


Firefox currently syncs bookmarks, history, open tabs, logins and passwords, addresses, add-ons, and preferences. However, the mobile version may not come with a pdf viewer.

Install the default pdf viewer (pdf.js):

Homepage: Bookmarks as Default

Search: Duck Duck Go default

Uncheck Show search history

Turn on Do not track

Tracking Protection Enabled

Go to android phone and type about:firefox to find out more

Archived Extensions

I no longer use the following extensions for personal reasons, but these may still be useful for others. Consider this the editor’s pick:

  1. AdGuard Adblocker
  2. AutoFullscreen
  3. Awesome Screenshot
  4. Block Site
  5. Dark Reader
  6. Enhancer for YouTube
  7. Ghostery
  8. Grayscale Browsing
  9. Greasemonkey
  10. Hoxx VPN Proxy
  11. Limit Tabs
  12. LastPass
  13. Markdown Here
  14. Messenger as a Sidebar
  15. Momentum
  16. My Homepage
  17. New Tab Homepage
  18. NoScript
  19. Popup Blocker
  20. Privacy Badger
  21. Pushbullet
  22. Redirector
  23. RescueTime
  24. Simple Mass Downloader
  25. Tab Numbering
  26. The Dark Side of Youtube
  27. Tridactyl
  28. TubeBuddy
  29. uMatrix
  30. Vim Vixen
  31. WebRTC Leak Shield