Computer Philosophy

Computer Philosophy
Thu, Nov 1, 2018

Everything is set to default settings unless otherwise specified.

Justin’s Principles of Computer Philosophy

Certain principles guide my computer usage. Together, these principles form a philosophy of how I am to live life in the age of computers. These principles are

Minimalist – If this is something I don’t use daily, delete. Get rid of unnecessary clutter because every square inch of screen is valuable real estate. Good for computer memory and for personal sanity.

Functional – Computers exist as tools for math, science, writing, or broadly speaking, thinking. Not for playing games and not for mindlessly browsing the internet (unless it’s for research, which is always frustrating but fun). Functionality over Fun.

Monotone – Computers should look boring because a boring setup makes for a more focused experience. Get rid of UI/UX design, the flashy advertisements, and color.

Efficient – When using a computer, quickly go in and quickly go out. Do whatever it takes to finish early what I originally set out for with the computer. Most tasks nowadays require staring at screens, which is unfortunate but can be mitigated. Just be efficient.

Amending – Like the Constitution, these principles can be refined with an amendment. I amend by maintaining a curiosity for other people’s setups. If these setups follow and enhance my principles, I adopt. If these setups cover a new principle that may be better than the principles I currently have, I give myself a week to test out their principles and adopt according to a 57 compromise being if I see this as useful on 5 of the 7 days I interact with it. However, if this setup contradicts a previous principle egregiously, I veto.


Because I will eventually use Greyscale settings, I will need a darker highlight color. The other settings can be identified with one of the five principles I’ve outlined.

Highlight color: Other > Orchid

Sidebar icon size: Large

Check Automatically hide and show the menu bar

Check Ask to keep changes when closing documentsk

Desktop and Screen Saver

Desktop: Apple > Colors > Light Gray(High Sierra) or Silver(Mojave)

Screen Saver: Word of the Day


Remove all the applications from Dock. Finder and Trash should be the only apps left that’s on the Dock.

Maximize Size to Large

Check everything except Animate opening applications

Mission Control

Check Group windows by application

Dashboard is Off

Language & Region

Time Format: 24-Hour Time

Temperature: Celsius

Security and Privacy

Allow the apps below to control your computer

  • Finder
  • Any downloaded apps that I have downloaded specifically for the purposes of making Mac more accessible (to be included in a seperate post)


Turn off all notifications

Energy Saver

Power Adapter

Turn display off after: 3 hrs

Check Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off


Modifier Keys: Set Caps Lock to Control

Key Repeat Fast: Fastest option

Delay Until Repeat: Shortest option

No backlight

Use F1, F2, etc. as standard function keys


Do NOT Check Mission Control and Application Windows, they will disable the dock, which creates clutter.


Check all possible boxes except for Mission Control and App Expose (located in More Gestures). You’re a jedi now!


Change Computer Name to “First-Last”. Get rid of everything else, since typing that during SSH can be quite tedious

Check File Sharing and Remote Login. Now you can SSH.

Date & Time


Check Show date


Disable keyboard shortcut



Check “Use Grayscale” Check “Differentiate without color” Check “Reduce motion” Check “Increase Contrast”

Adjust Display Contrast according to personal preference

Check “Show Accessibility status in menu bar” – Sometimes I do need a bit of color when coding

Mouse & Trackpad

Check “Spring-loading delay” and set it all the way to Short