Mon, Oct 14, 2019
S Setup W Windows

Getting started with Windows 10 (Surface Pro) Make sure you do not include spaces in your username. It will be very hard to navigate into your files later otherwise. Settings Check Programs > Turn Windows Features On and Off > Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta) Check Update & security > For Developers > Developer Mode Taskbar Lock the Taskbar ON Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode ON Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode Use small taskbar buttons ON Use Peek ON Ubuntu, File Explorer, Firefox, Camera Display Change the size of apps and text on the main display 300% Color filters > Allow the shortcut key to toggle filter on or off Applications Firefox Developer Edition (Default Browser) Adobe Touch (Default PDF Viewer) Ubuntu (Beta Distribution) Typora RescueTime iCloud Drive Dropbox Sync Keyboard AutoHotKey on GitHub Pen and Windows Ink Click Once: Microsoft Whiteboard Linux / Ubuntu Create Desktop shortcut > ctrl+alt+t = keyboard shortcut https://winaero.


Sun, Feb 17, 2019
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I’ve spent at least 1,000 hours of my life using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. That is 1,000 hours each, separately. I think it’s about time that I discuss how and why I use these browsers. Firefox Analysis Right now, I spend 50 percent of my time on Firefox, 50 percent of my time on Safari. This is a rough estimate, since I use Firefox to watch videos and scrape the Internet and Safari for non-work related activities, like checking email.


Tue, Jan 8, 2019
S Setup S SSH

I want to stop carrying my laptop with me all the time. SSH helps me do this. Server My local computer, the computer I am trying to SSH into, is the server. It cannot sleep in order for me to SSH. Therefore, I make sure that the computer never sleeps (as I do with myself). This drains battery life but nonetheless lets me continue working with SSH. System Preferences I will need to connect my local computer to a power outlet all the time: go to System Preferences > Energy Saver > Never Sleep.